Phoropter Cleaning and Repair

We do a comprehensive phoropter cleaning: Thorough cleaning of all optical lens surfaces.

- Calibration of all lenses back to factory standards.
- Adjust, calibrate and lubricate JCC.
- Exterior cleaning.
- Adjust control knob tension, to a smooth touch.
- Clean and calibrate the dial assemblies.
- Adjust and lubricate the convergence controls.
- Calibrate PD measurement.
- Touch up paint is an additional charge

Phoroptor cleaning as easy as 1, 2, 3

Can’t remember when the last time your phoropter was cleaned? We can help you with that. For our best pricing and worry free service we will sign you up for our 6 month phoropter cleaning service. Every six months we will contact you automatically and ship you a loaner phoropter and clean your phoropters for you without the hassle! You pay a monthly membership fee based on the number of phoropters/exam rooms you have and then you can rest assured your won’t have any rechecks from a dirty lens.

Call to schedule an appointment for your phoroptor cleaning with one of our factory-trained service technicians or fill out the form to send your phoropter in for service. Don’t wait until the last minute for your phoroptor to become unusable in the middle of a busy week.

High Quality Phoropter Cleaning

FAQs Of Phoropter Cleaning